Cyrene brand has an R&D team with strong knowledge and experience. The Cyrene brand R&D team has created a list of ingredients that will never be used in their formulas, thanks to years of experience. The list of ingredients (chemicals) never used in Cyrene formulas consists of approximately 1500 chemicals. The list of chemicals that are forbidden to be used in Cyrene formulas consists of ingredients of animal origin, chemicals that are harmful to the human body and the environment, and chemicals that still have a question mark, that is, the discussions continue. Nearly 1400 chemicals in this list of prohibited chemicals of Cyrene consist of chemicals that are in the prohibited list in the European Union Cosmetics Law. In addition to these, nearly 100 chemicals that are still questionable and debated are not included in the Cyrene formulas.

Ethyl alcohol, dyes, essence allergens, SLES, SLS, phthalates, parabens, petroleum-derived ingredients, animal-derived ingredients can be given as examples of questionable and controversial chemicals.

List of Chemicals prohibited for use in Cyrene formulas:

Before an ingredient enters the Cyrene formula, its safety and origin (natural, synthetic, vegetable, animal) is examined in the most detailed way. An animal origin ingredient is eliminated instantly and is not used in formulations. If the content is of herbal origin, the investigation studies are continued and the information about reproductive and developmental toxicity (Reproductive & Developmental Toxicity), carcinogenic effects, disrupting hormones / acting like a hormone is examined in detail. Many sources are used when examining these effects. Examples of these sources are academic publications, European Union cosmetic content reports, studies of companies producing raw materials, reports of government bodies such as FDA / Health Canada, reports of any non-profit health organizations such as WHO / INCHEM, toxicity investigation databases such as Toxnet. In addition, in order to create safe formulas and reduce exposures, evaluations are made by discussing one-on-one with scientists from Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy and Medicine.

As a result of all these team studies and reviews, we try to select the safest, best and most effective ingredients that can help solve certain concerns, especially in the field of dermocosmetics. Nearly 90% of the ingredients we use in our formulas are natural, plant-based and certified organic. Some of the ingredients are of synthetic origin. Even if ingredients of natural, organic origin are used, the brand itself does not have a natural/organic certificate and is not positioned as a natural/organic brand. Even if a very small part of the ingredients are synthetic, it would be wrong to conclude that Cyrene formulas are unsafe. All studies in the Cyrene brand are based on scientific sources. In this way, safe products can be offered to everyone who prefers our formulas. The Cyrene brand is a Dermocosmetic brand formulated with safe ingredients.

While choosing the ingredients, raw material suppliers that produce with sustainable production techniques and use non-GMO resources are preferred. No animal-based ingredients are used in our formulas. As the Cyrene brand, the ingredients and finished products used in the formulas are never tested on animals. As the Cyrene brand, we strongly oppose testing on animals.The Cyrene brand is a brand on the PETA list, an international organization, it is vegan, does not use ingredients of animal origin and does not test on animals

All of our content is selected with high safety and quality standards. These standards are globally accepted criteria, especially European Union Regulations and criteria.

Knowledge and transparency about the content is one of the most important factors for us. In accordance with the European Union and Turkish Cosmetic Laws, all the ingredients in the formulations are included on the product labels and on our website with all the details and transparency.