What is Microbiome?

Posted on by Ersin Koseoglu

What is Microbiome?

All micro-organisms living in the human body are called Microbiome. The microbiome, also known as the microflora or microbiota, is the system of microorganisms living in our body, consisting of billions of fungi, bacteria and single-celled organisms, and is of vital importance. It is a part of our body, especially an integral part of our skin, and plays an important role in skin barrier functions.

Why is the microbiome so important?

Each individual has a unique microbiota. The Human Microbiome Project was started in 2008 with the aim of investigating these characteristic microorganisms that continue to exist in our bodies, and this project was completed in 2012. In this project, the gene pool of all microorganisms living in our body was investigated and tried to be cataloged.

About 50% of our body cells are made up of bacterial cells, even more than 50% of our DNA is of bacterial origin. Therefore, the Microbiome is considered as an organ of our body or an extension of our body. With the help of the microbiome, food is absorbed by our intestines. The microbiome keeps our immune system strong, helps our skin to be resistant to many diseases and adverse conditions, and even regulates our mental state.

The most well-known Microbiome in our body is the Gut Microbiome. Thanks to the microorganisms present in our intestines, our digestive system works regularly. While they strengthen the immune system by synthesizing vital enzymes and proteins in the digestive system, they also fight against bacteria and fungi that cause disease. Consuming fermented foods such as yogurt and kefir supports the regular functioning of our intestinal microbiome.

The other Microbiome of our body is the Skin Microbiome. It is responsible for protecting our skin against negative conditions and free radicals in the external environment. It also helps to prevent inflammation by increasing the immunity of our skin. With recent dermatological studies, it has been determined that the cause of skin concerns such as Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, and skin sensitivity are imbalances in the skin microbiome. The decrease in the number of good bacteria that balances the skin microbiome allows the growth of bad and disease-causing (pathogenic) bacteria. As a result, these skin diseases occur. In order for our skin to maintain its health and have a strong immunity, it is necessary to increase the beneficial bacteria. In order to achieve this increase, it is necessary to prefer products developed with probiotic technology.

Other Microbiomes in our body can be listed as mouth, nose, vagina in women, respiratory system Microbiomes.

The most interesting Microbiome is the belly button, where even the presence of extramorphic (living in extreme conditions) bacteria that live in volcanoes and glaciers has been detected.

Even in regions such as the lungs and placenta, which we consider to be the most sterile, there are small bacterial ecosystems of their own.

There are still many unexplored areas regarding the Microbiome in our body, as the research continues and these unknowns are discovered, they may be life-saving for us. With a better understanding of the microbiome, people's susceptibility to certain diseases can be better diagnosed.

We are causing serious damage to our microbiota with our enthusiasm to use antibiotic and antibacterial products.As the microbiota is damaged, many diseases that we call new generation diseases such as obesity, various allergies, immune system diseases, depression, eczema, dermatitis, and some types of cancer arise

How can we protect the microbiome in our body?

  • We should limit the use of antibacterial products containing antibacterial agents such as triclosan by reducing the use of antibiotics.
  • We should consume probiotic-containing foods such as yogurt and kefir for intestinal and digestive system health.
  • We should include products developed with probiotic technology into our skin care routine in order to maintain our skin health, have a strong immunity and support our skin microbiome.

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