When to Start Using Anti-Aging Product

Posted on by Beste Gürkan

When should skin care and anti-aging product use be started?

One of the most confusing and asked questions is the age to start skin care. Just as there is no age limit to start a healthy diet, there is no age limit to start skin care. Skin care should be made into a regular routine by starting skin care with minimum steps from birth and choosing well-formulated products as you get older.

As our body needs antioxidants, vitamins, water and nutrients, our skin always needs these ingredients.

The concept of

Anti-aging is misunderstood as products that are used after a certain age. As soon as we are born, our skin begins to be exposed to the sun, environmental pollution and free radicals. All these negative conditions begin to attack our skin and damage the cells. Since the skin renews itself very quickly in childhood, damage can be prevented, but as the age gets older, especially from the age of 20, permanent damage begins to occur on the skin.

The biggest investment for the skin is to protect the skin from harmful sun rays with a broad spectrum sunscreen at a very early age (as soon as it is born). This app is also the best anti-aging step.

After reaching a certain age, starting to use sunscreen regularly as a precaution after fine wrinkles, blemishes and loss of elasticity appear on the skin, unfortunately, it is useless because what has happened has happened and the skin has suffered serious sun damage and early signs of aging have started.< /p>

The same thesis is valid for antioxidants, vitamins, various Anti-Aging actives, molecules that act as intercellular communication. Many damage may occur to the skin due to negative effects such as sun, environmental pollution, stress, free radicals, and aging. Unfortunately, using these ingredients after the damage is done is not enough to repair the damage. It's best to ensure the job and apply a regular skin care routine from the age of 20. At a minimum, cleansing, toner, exfoliant, rich moisturizer and broad-spectrum sunscreen should be included in the skin care routine.

It is not wrong to start skin care at a very early age and use formulas with anti-aging ingredients. My skin gets used to these ingredients and when it needs it, it is meaningless to think that these ingredients are no longer functional. The skin never says no to these ingredients, most importantly, the skin never gets used to these ingredients, and just like our body, our skin constantly needs these ingredients to defend itself. This is exactly what Anti-Aging or anti-aging means. They are the actives that the skin needs in order to defend itself, repair itself, synthesize healthy collagen and continue its functions properly without being damaged. These are the secrets of skin that continues to maintain its healthy and youthful appearance as it ages. It is possible to maintain young and healthy skin with skin care that starts at an early age by using well-formulated products.

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