Autumn Skin Care

Posted on by Beste Gürkan

When trying to adapt to the new season with each season, the settings of the skin may deteriorate. At the end of the summer season and at the beginning of autumn, different concerns may develop on the skin such as dryness, peeling, flaking, dull appearance, and acne. Especially in the transition to the autumn season, there may be an increase in acne. The reason is very simple, in fact, the skin gets used to secreting more oil due to the heat in summer, when the weather starts to get colder, the skin cannot adapt to this situation immediately and continues to secrete excess oil. Since exfoliation is not done in the summer and due to the cool weather in autumn, the dead skin that accumulates on the skin surface and is not removed creates a thick surface. As a result, since the secreted oil and bacteria remain closed under the skin, it can cause acne or an increase in acne.

As the surface of the skin becomes rough, dry and dull due to the accumulated dead tissue, more moisture is needed. In order to prevent these situations and maintain the healthy appearance of the skin, minor changes can be made in the skin care routine.

Changes to be made in the skin care routine during the transition from summer to autumn:

Change your cleaning routine: If you use heavy-duty harsh cleansers to purify the excess oil secreted from the skin due to the heat in the summer months, these cleaning products may not be suitable for you anymore, as the oil secretion will decrease in the autumn, and they may dry the skin. As a cleaning product, it should be switched to creamy cleaning products that are gentle and do not contain hard surface cleaners. AHA/BHA Exfoliating Gentle Cleansing Gel It is a sulfate-free, concentrated, creamy and gentle formula. Volume. A double cleaning method should be applied to cleanse the skin from make-up residues, pollution and sun filters and to clean the skin deeply.

Do not neglect the tonic step: One of the products that your skin needs most in the transition to the autumn season is a well-formulated tonic that does not contain essences and ethyl alcohol. If you do not use toner, it is time to choose a toner suitable for your skin type. Tonics provide anti-oxidant support by calming the skin after the cleansing step, and they prepare the skin for moisturizing. When you apply your serum and moisturizer rich in moisture actives to your skin after the tonic application, the moisture is locked in your skin and your skin is saturated with moisture.

Advanced Oil Control BHA Facial Toner suitable for oily, combination, sensitive and gskin with enlarged pores and blackhead concerns.

6% Glycolic Probiotic Daily Smoothing&Toning Solution It is a unique formula with its probiotic and glycolic acid content. It helps the skin to maintain its ideal pH by balancing the skin barrier.

Moisturizers with a denser structure should be preferred: While even a moisturizer is not needed in summer or very light serums are sufficient, in autumn, when the weather starts to cool and cool, slightly denser moisturizers and especially Hyaluronic acid-containing moisturizers are preferred to prevent moisture loss.

Formulized with special Probiotic technology Equo-Librium Skin Rescue Moisturiser With Probiotic Technology helps the skin to defend itself against negative external conditions by strengthening the skin barrier. It provides support to the skin during the skin's repair and regeneration process. It provides a healthy, moisture-saturated, silky and protected skin against free radical damage.

Oil Free Skin Balancing Aqua Gel Moisturiser is specially formulated for oily skin with rich nourishing actives as well as skin calming essences.It is an ideal formula that helps regulate sebum production and prevents the skin from shining by absorbing excess sebum.

 During the daytime, you should protect your skin from the sun's rays with broad-spectrum sunscreen: it may sound surprising, but fall and spring are the months when the most sun damage occurs. We think that the sun's rays lose their effect with the cooling of the weather, but this is not true. In autumn, UVB rays (the rays that cause burning and tanning) may be weakened, but there is no change in the strength of UVA (rays that cause premature skin aging and skin cancer), UVA rays are no different than in August. The skin should be protected from the sun's rays in summer and winter with a broad spectrum (with both UVA and UVB protection) sunscreen.

Oil-free and ultra-light Cyrene Invisible Physical Sunscreen It effectively protects the skin against harmful sun rays with its broad spectrum and fully mineral filters. It does not leave whiteness, is quickly absorbed and provides a matte finish. It helps to protect the skin against damage caused by UVA, UVB and infrared rays, blue light and environmental pollution. Green tea, licorice (licorice root), argan, niacinamide, vitamin C and other plant and vitamin-derived antioxidants help protect the skin against negative environmental conditions by neutralizing free radicals.

 Retinol should be added to the night care routine: If the products containing Retinol were interrupted in the summer months, these products should be included in the routine again in the autumn. Retinol is essential in skin care in order to repair sun damage (sunspot, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity) that occur during the summer and to prevent new damage in autumn and winter. It has been scientifically proven that retinol repairs skin damage.

If you are starting to use a product containing Retinol for the first time, it is best to start with a product with a low Retinol concentration. For this, we recommend starting with Retinol 0.05 Serum as the first step. After the skin gets used to it, it can be switched to Retinol 0.1 Serum or Cyrene Retical Smart CompleX4 Concantrated Serum.

 Exfoliation: In summer, hot weather, sun rays, air pollution, chlorine may cause skin barrier damage and sensitization of the skin. In the first applications, the exfoliation process should be started with products containing very low rates of AHA or BHA, and the rates of AHA and BHA should be increased gradually. It is essential to start exfoliation in the fall in order for the skin to regain its healthy appearance and to get rid of its dull, pale, stained appearance. With the exfoliation process, dead tissues accumulated on the skin surface will be removed. Daily exfoliation with 2% or 4% AHA content exfoliants, weekly exfoliation with 8%, 10% or 15% AHA content products are recommended. For help on exfoliation, you can send an e-mail to and get support from our expert team.

Observe your skin and determine its needs: You should always observe your skin and determine its needs, regardless of seasonal transitions. Your skin definitely gives various signals to express its needs. These should be identified very well and the skin care routine should be adjusted accordingly. If your skin shows signs such as dryness, regression, acne, sensitivity, burning, it means it's time to make changes in your skin care routine.If you need support in choosing products and creating a skin care routine, our expert team will gladly support you.