How should skin care be after using Roaccutane?

Posted on by Ersin Koseoglu

Acnetrent = If you have been treated with Roaccutane, you may experience dryness, flaking or sensitivity on your skin as side effects of the drug. These are the side effects of the drug.

When choosing your skin care products, you should pay attention to the gentleness of cleaning products. You should avoid products containing chemicals such as SLES (Sodium lauryl ether sulfate), SLS, Sulfates, Soap, Essence, Ethyl alcohol. Essence and ethyl alcohol are also ingredients that can cause sensitization and allergic reactions.

We would like to remind you that cosmetic products are not drugs and do not claim to treat. Cosmetic products are auxiliary products and their duties can be counted as cleaning the skin, care and moisturizing. If the damage to your skin takes years, their repair is a long process, it can take 6 months or 1 year for the skin to repair itself.

As a cleansing gel: You can choose AHA/BHA Exfoliating Gentle Cleansing Gel. It is a creamy and very gentle cleanser, it does not irritate the skin.

We recommend that you use pure Hyaluron-containing serum as a serum so that your skin does not feel sensitive and dry. You can minimize the damage caused by Roaccutane to your skin with this serum. You can use it before moisturizer day and night. It is a very good serum containing pure Hyaluronic acid.

The formula contains Hyaluronic Acid with 3 different molecular weights, this is the meaning of Hyaluron 3MW. Hyaluronic acid is a neutral substance, it does not harm our skin. Cyrene Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier 

It is very important to protect your skin from UV rays during the daytime. You should make this a habit! UV rays destroy skin enzymes that produce essential components for our skin and damage our skin's ability to retain water.

Designed especially for sensitive skin, contains 100% mineral filter, does not contain chemical filters and harmful ingredients for the skin, does not react with the skin Invisible Physical Sunscreen We recommend using  .

Developed with probiotic technology as a moisturizer

Cyrene Skin Rescue Moisturiser suitable for you.

Probiotics help the skin to continue its healthy functions by regulating the skin microbiome. In addition, by supporting the good bacteria in the skin microflora, they help to destroy the bad (pathogenic) bacteria that cause sensitivity etc.

You can follow this way in day care:

1 step  AHA/BHA Exfoliating Gentle Cleansing Gel

2 steps Multivitamin Extra Firming Eye Treatment

3 steps Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier

4 steps Skin Rescue Moisturiser

5 steps Invisible Physical Sunscreen

You can do your daily nightly skin care routine as follows:

1 step AHA/BHA Exfoliating Gentle Cleansing Gel

2 steps Multivitamin Extra Firming Eye Treatment

3 steps Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier

4 steps Skin Rescue Moisturiser

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