What is Nanoparticle?

Posted on by Beste Gürkan

Nano-sized particles are called nanoparticles. Nano is one billionth of a meter according to the nanometer measurement unit. In numerical terms, 1 nanometer is 1x10-9 meters.

TiO2 and ZnO from mineral solar filters can be reduced to nano size by special methods. Ultrafine structure is obtained by coating mineral nano filters with more special methods and different materials. The sunscreen formulas developed with these mineral filters become thinner. It spreads easily on the skin. Easier and more comfortable version is obtained. They do not leave white and mold-like thick layers like lime. These formulas create a transparent image on the skin.

Are the nanoparticles absorbed by the skin?

Nanoparticles are not well known to the public. For this reason, there may be a concern that it may be absorbed by the skin and damage the body.

All studies and evaluations, as well as scientific studies and publications by the European Union's commission to evaluate the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics (CIR Expert Panel), have concluded that nanoparticles are safe to use.

According to the results, nanoparticles can only reach the dead stratum corneum layer of the skin, and cannot reach the deeper layers of the skin due to the structure of the skin.

The most important point is that if the nanoparticles are in ultrafine structure, that is, if they are coated, the nano dimensions disappear. Ultrafine nanoparticles combine with each other to form larger particles. Due to this aggregation, they act like a normal sized mineral filter, their passage into the stratum corneum layer is not possible.

As a result, it is safe to use sunscreens formulated with nano-sized mineral filters.