What is the Fiddy Method?

Posted on by Ersin Koseoglu

The Fiddy Method for blackheads and large pores;
1. Step: apply 2% BHA Serum to clean skin. Wait at least 20 minutes.

Purpose: to dissolve the oil/dirt/dead cell deposits accumulated in the pore.

2. Step: Any clay mask is applied on the BHA Serum without rinsing. Wait for 10 minutes or as long as specified in the clay mask instructions and rinse.

Purpose: Absorption of dissolved and decomposed sebum/ oil and impurities by clay.

3. Step: any oil-based cleanser or cleansing balm is applied to the face and massaged for 2-3 minutes. It is rinsed.

Purpose: Dissolving blackheads by oil and throwing them out.
After rinsing the skin thoroughly, the daily care routine is continued.